Your shrubs are an investment- something that adds beauty to your home and can bring enjoyment for years to come. Proper pruning and care can extend the life of your investment.

Pruning Services

Proper pruning can:

  • Reduce a shrub to a more manageable size
  • Maintain it at a manageable size
  • Reduce density to create a more air circulation and allow better light penetration, leading to healthier plants
  • Remove dead, diseased, or damaged growth
  • Promote growth or production (especially of flowers and fruit)
  • Create a more desirable shape
  • Develop a strong framework in a young shrub
  • Renovate a neglected or unwieldy shrub
  • Limb up low branches for better access underneath

Often mature shrubs become overgrown if they’ve been neglected for awhile or are too big for the space they are in and need to be removed or relocated entirely. We can help with this and work with you figure out a more suitable replacement.

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