One of the most common issues with lawns is the development of thatch, a layer of dead grass blades and roots on top of the soil which prevents air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. In our lawn care package, we remove the built-up thatch from your lawn as well as providing aeration, which breaks up soil compaction by perforating the lawn with small holes. This helps allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass so the roots can grow deeper- resulting in a strong, vigorous lawn.

We know that image of sitting in a lawnchair on your healthy, green lawn while you entertain or kids play is an idyllic image that sometimes seems unattainable. Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can help you attain that dream and picturesque scene by providing lawn care to get your lawn on track and continued maintenance to help you keep it that way.

Our lawn care package includes a one-time service that helps get your lawn under control and on track for healthy growth.

The package involves two stages:

LCP Stage 1

  • Weed Spray
  • Moss Spray
  • Fertilizer

LCP Stage 2

  • Thatch
  • Aerate
  • Over-seed
  • Fertilize
  • Peat Moss


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