Landscape Maintenance

Rather not spend your free time mowing, edging, and weeding? Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can help take care of your yards’ routine maintenance needs to free up your time for doing things you prefer.

Lawn Care Package

We know that image of sitting in a lawn chair on your healthy, green lawn while you entertain or kids play is an idyllic image that sometimes seems unattainable. Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can help you attain that dream and picturesque scene by providing lawn care to get your lawn on track and continued maintenance to help you keep it that way.


Often mature trees or shrubs become overgrown if they’ve been neglected for awhile or are too big for the space they are in and need to be removed or relocated entirely.


Whether you have physical limitations, time constraints, or gardening is just not for you – Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can step in to help you achieve or maintain beautiful flowerbeds.


Whether you are setting up a new irrigation system, fixing a current one, or needing to retrofit an old system, Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can help you.

Lawn Fertilizing

How much fertilizer should I use?  When do I apply it?  Which one is right for my lawn? Let us take the guesswork out of lawn fertilization for you!


Our expert team brings your hardscape dreams to life, from sturdy retaining walls and elegant patios to inviting walk paths and stepping stone pavers.

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