Whether you are setting up a new irrigation system, fixing a current one, or needing to retrofit an old system, Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can help you. We offer the following irrigation services:

Spring Start-Up

This involves testing the system, checking heads, and fixing anything that needs adjustment or replacement.

Regular Maintenance

If your system is needing some troubleshooting , we can come check it out and find out if there are leaks, broken heads, etc. and get it back in working order for you.

Fall/Winter Blowouts

If your system has been used during the year, you need to have your system blown out to protect it from freezing and breaking. We blow compressed air through the system, forcing water to drain out.

Backflow Testing

Washington State requires that irrigation backflow systems are tested annually (WAC 246-290-490). We can install backflow preventers and perform the required annual testing.

New Installation

Whether you want a system installed for the first time or want to add on to your current system, we can work with you to make sure we install what you need and want.

Retrofitting Existing System

We can help update or upgrade your aging system to a more functional system with better features and functionality.

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