A picturesque landscape reflects the care and attention you invest in your property. Tim’s Complete Landscape Management understands that maintaining a beautiful and well-kept outdoor space requires expertise, dedication, and the right set of services. That is why we are excited to introduce you to our comprehensive, commercial landscape maintenance services that will elevate the allure of your property to new heights.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services


The foundation of any pristine landscape is a well-maintained lawn. Our expert commercial lawn mowing team employs cutting-edge equipment to ensure your grass is trimmed to the perfect height, thus promoting healthy growth and a uniform appearance. A manicured lawn speaks volumes about your property’s elegance and care.


The devil is in the details, and our edging and trimming services prove just that. We meticulously edge along sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds, giving your landscape a polished and refined look. Our skilled team also expertly trim shrubs and bushes, enhancing their shape and maintaining the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.


Every corner of your property deserves equal attention. Our blowing services eliminate unsightly debris, leaves, and grass clippings, leaving your landscape looking impeccably clean and inviting. A fresh and neat outdoor space is just a blow away!


Shaping and maintaining the health of your trees is vital to their longevity and beauty. Our experienced arborists provide precise pruning services, ensuring the trees on your property grow strong and maintain their natural splendor. Proper pruning enhances sunlight exposure, improves air circulation, and prevents disease, contributing to a thriving landscape.

Flower Bed Care/Weed Control

Flower beds add vibrant colors and textures to your landscape. Our bed care and weed control services guarantee that your flower beds remain a captivating focal point. We remove unwanted weeds, cultivate the soil, and ensure your plants receive the nourishment they need to flourish.

Fertilizer Applications

Nourishing your landscape is essential for vibrant growth. Tim’s Complete Landscape employs a certified spray technician for all of its fertilizing applications. Our fertilizer applications provide the right nutrients at the right time, promoting lush and healthy grass, plants, and trees. A well-fed landscape stands as a testament to our commitment to your property’s vitality.


Proper watering is the lifeblood of any landscape. The irrigation experts at our sister company Mist’er Rain design, install, and maintain efficient irrigation systems that deliver water precisely where and when it is needed. A thoughtfully designed irrigation system conserves water and keeps your landscape thriving year-round.

Make Your Business Landscape Turn Heads

Tim’s Complete Landscape Management takes pride in turning your outdoor dreams into reality. Our array of commercial landscape maintenance services is meticulously designed to ensure your property radiates beauty and sophistication throughout the seasons. With our experienced team and unwavering dedication, your landscape will become a living masterpiece that enhances your property.

Call (253) 632-5829 today to schedule a free consultation and discover how Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can elevate your landscape to its fullest potential. Your dream landscape awaits!


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