Whether you have physical limitations, time constraints, or gardening is just not for you – Tim’s Complete Landscape Management can step in to help you achieve or maintain beautiful flowerbeds. Let us do the work so you have time to relax and enjoy it!

We can provide:

Fresh mulch/bark/top soil installation

Mulching freshens up a flowerbed instantly, but it also adds other benefits as well. Mulch is used to increase the amount of organic matter which enriches the soil and leads to healthier plants and better drainage. It also is an excellent weed suppressant, especially when applied thick. We recommend an application of 2″ deep every 2 years. Buying bagged mulch is expensive and figuring out how much you need can be confusing, but we come take measurements to figure out how much is needed, then buy, deliver, and install it for you.

Weed control and removal

That old saying about “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true when talking about weeds. Removing weeds before they spread their seed can save a lot of time and energy.

Seasonal clean up

The change of seasons brings a new set of chores to be completed in the garden. From fall leaf clean up to cutting down perennials in the winter or early spring, we can help!

Storm clean up

Wind or snow storms can wreak havoc on your yard. If you have downed or damaged trees or shrubs, we can help.

Complete removal of shrubs and trees

Often a tree or shrub may need removal due to being diseased, dying, or become too overgrown or inappropriate in its current spot.


Proper pruning can help maintain the size, shape, and health of a plant.


Save your back and let us do the labor of planting your new trees and shrubs!

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