The more aesthetically pleasing your landscaping is, the more valuable people will perceive it to be. By properly pruning your trees and shrubs, mulching, fertilizing and appropriately adding colorful, native plants and trees, your business, HoA, or local park will attract clients and community members alike. 


Take a Native Landscaping Approach

Native plants are in high demand – and for good reason. Native plants are better at resisting local pests and diseases than non-native plants. They also: 

  • Adapt to the current climate
  • Require less water 
  • Require less fertilizer
  • Don’t require pesticides
  • Help keep our water clean and healthy 

When you’re planning your next landscaping project, look no further than your local garden. 


Seed the Right Grass

Washington State is home to cool-season grasses, including fescue mixes and perennial rye. These grasses stay green until temperatures drop below freezing and even then they can survive for long periods of time. Warm-season grasses will not last nearly as long and you’ll be left with a straw-like landscape for several months of the year.

Different grasses require different care and may need to be seeded between particular temperature ranges. Do your research before taking action. 


Improve Your Drainage

Consider installing dry creek beds, surface drains, or French drains. Not only does this support water conservation, but they help beautify your landscape by reusing the water to keep it hydrated. Native grasses and moisture-loving plants can also help you conserve water. 


Add Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks make for a colorful addition to your landscaping efforts. Once you’ve placed them, you don’t have to worry about replacing them every year. However, if you want the soil below to provide organic matter or nutrients, you’ll have to add supplemental materials. Again, that’s only if you want anything else to grow in that area. 


Include Playful Shrubs and Trees

We’re spoiled with greenery in Washington State. Greenery makes people feel relaxed and happy, boosting their mood and the overall impression of your property. Larger hedges and trees can provide shade, while smaller, more manageable shrubs and trees can be trimmed into shapes and add a little character to your landscaping. 


Don’t Underestimate Lighting

Add some ambiance to your landscape. A little lighting goes a surprisingly long way. Something as simple as a string of lights or uplighting on tall hedges or walls can set the mood. Even if you’re not open at night, you should make sure that your property is well-lit. This will also help reduce the risk of crime and make people feel safer if they are walking around your property in the evening. 


Add Outdoor Seating Areas

If you’ve gone through the effort of beautifying your commercial landscape property, you should provide an opportunity for people to enjoy it. If you have the space, you should have an outdoor seating area. These seating areas are great escapes for people to get out of the office and take a breath of fresh air, enjoy a break, have a picnic or even work outside. 

If you’re a business and you want to go the extra mile, buy furniture and brand it with your name or logo. This subliminal advertising will help customers keep you in mind when they make future purchasing decisions. 

By following these 7 tips on beautifying your landscape, you’re well on your way to having a property that’ll catch the eye of many potential new customers, community members, and friends.